How to Choose the Best Umbrella factory?

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When you're planning to purchase rain umbrellas, it is better to work with the factory directly. You might think that while working with the factory you might have to place a bulk order, but you could not have been more wrong. In SUSINO umbrella there are many standard items with no minimum order quantity. That is why, instead of working with the retailers or importer, it is a much better idea to find the best rain umbrella factory directly.



The question which might be plaguing you is how you can do so? Among so many different rain umbrella factories, it is not easy to make the right choice. It can be quite confusing. Going with the wrong company can prove to be too costly for you. That is why today we will share with you a few tips, which will help you choose the right rain umbrella company.


1. Variants:

The most obvious thing which you need to checking is the number of options available. Most of the umbrella factories will allow you to order umbrellas of different colors and makes. Due to this reason, you needed more time to check the variants available. Basically, you need to know the following variants:

• The umbrella frames structures

• Canopy material & printing

• The options of Handles

• The packaging of umbrella


SUSINO have his own frame factory and umbrella production line, designer team, paper printing workshop, professional sales team to help you work on it easier and more efficient.


2. Minimum order quantity:

You may not order huge quantities of umbrellas every time. Sometimes, you will only order like 2000pcs umbrellas. That is why, before you choose the umbrella factory, you should inquire about the minimum order quantity. Once you know the minimum order quantity, you can understand easily whether the factory will accept your order or not.


Even if you're looking for a few umbrellas, instead of getting disappointed, you can go with the manufacturer which does not have any minimum order like SUSINO umbrella. Here in SUSINO, we have lots of ready goods with assorted color packing, which can make fast shipment within short time. Saving your time and low down the risk for you.


3. Company History:


Many consumers and companies make the mistake of going with the umbrella manufacturer which offers the most affordable quotation. Particularly husband and wife trading companies in this industry. You cannot rely on these companies. Once you place the order with these companies, you never know whether it will be fulfilled or not. Susino is a family-owned business located in Jinjiang, Fujian. Together with our affiliated agencies in UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Brazil, Argentina etc. We cooperate with customers worldwide more than 180 Countries and areas. As an absolute specialist in the field of umbrellas more than two decades, we have made the best and most successful types of umbrella in order to offer a selection of irresistible quality. You sure check background of the company before you make decisions.


4. Customization options:


When you directly order from the manufacturer, it is possible to get the canopy as per your design. You can use it for branding purposes, or you can print the design which you want on the umbrella canopy. You have to always inquire from the market. If they offer customization, that is a definite advantage. The customization options can be useful for a wide variety of reasons like:


• Branding purposes

• Getting aesthetically appealing umbrellas

• Promo up with your own brands.





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