What should we know between C8, C6 and fluorine-free waterproofing agents?

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In the functional textile printing and dyeing industry, C8 waterproofing agent, C6 waterproofing agent and fluorine-free waterproofing agent are often exposed. What is the difference between the three? What are the differences in terms of effectiveness?

First, the effect: As is well known, C8, C6 waterproofing agents are all fluorine-based waterproofing agents, and non-fluorine waterproofing agents are non-fluorinated waterproofing agents. Normally, C8 waterproofing agent is superior to C6 and non-fluorinated waterproofing agents. And C8, C6 have waterproof and oil proof effect, and the fluorine-free waterproofing agent only has a single waterproof function, and the waterproof effect is C8>C6> fluorine-free waterproofing agent;


Second, the environmental protection: April 1, 2015 OEKO-TEXStandard100 latest environmental requirements, the fluorine-based waterproofing agent PFOA, PFOS content must be less than 1ug / m2, and C8 waterproofing agent PFOA, PFOS content is seriously exceeded, not environmentally friendly Requested, so it is forbidden to use. The content of PFOA and PFOS in C6 waterproofing agent can not be detected, which is lower than the detection limit of 1ug/m2, so C6 waterproofing agent is environmentally friendly and meets various international environmental protection requirements. Then the fluorine-free waterproofing agent is undoubtedly environmentally friendly because it is completely free of PFOA and PFOS;


Third, the sensitivity to the fabric:

If there are some impurities on the fabric, then the fluorine-free waterproofing agent is more sensitive, that is to say, the effect of impurities on the waterproofing effect is the most serious, C6 is second, and C8 is slightly better. Similarly, the sensitivity of the three types of products to the fabric, C8 < C6 < fluorine-free waterproofing agent;


Fourth, the same kind of fabric needs to achieve the same effect required amount: If the same fabric is used for the same fabric, the same effect should be achieved, then the amount of C8<C6<fluorine-free waterproofing agent in terms of dosage.





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