RPET Fabric--- New life for plastic water bottles

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What is RPET?

RPET is the short name often used for recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (PET). When you see the word ‘RPET’ it simply means that the PET in the product you’re looking at, should come from a recycled, pre-existing source.


RPET is incredibly easy to recycle. PET bottles are easy to distinguish by their "#1" recycling label and is accepted by most recycling plans. Reusing plastic not only provides a better option than landfills, but it helps give it a second life. Recycling the plastic into these materials like polyester for example has the ability to decrease our need for using new resources. Over half of first time PET production is used to create recycled polyester fabrics. By using recycled PET, we are decreasing the need to create new textiles.


We know that rPET is easily recyclable, reusable

  • Requires 85% less energy

  • 65% fewer emissions: 50-65% less Carbon and Sulphur Dioxide

  • Requires 90% less water


Recycled PET is not only a perfect solution for new material, but also it does still find new life for plastics. Creating a new life for plastic water bottles is a great start.




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